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108 ambulance services in Telangana back on track


The CM of Telangana state K Chandrasekhara Rao’s involvement on Monday has seen that the 108 ambulance services in Telangana are back on the roads as 300 ambulances joined the service.

The CM reacted sharply on the reports that about 70 vehicles out of 316 of the ambulance fleet were off the roads and directed that the services should not be stopped with petty reasons.

He wanted the officials to see that the ambulance service, being organized jointly by government and GVK Group, should not face any problems in the future. Deputy CM T Rajaiah, GVK Group CEO Vidyasagar, coordinator Sushila and NRHM director Kalpana went into huddle on the directions of the CM and reviewed the situation of 108 Service.

The deputy CM questioned the GVK representatives on the halting of 108 Service and told that the arrears were not paid as the previous government in the combined state failed to make payments on time.

The deputy CM said that a special GO was needed to pay the arrears of March and April of this year and made it clear that from June onward the money was being paid regularly by the Telangana government.

Rajaiah wanted the GVK Group to ensure proper maintenance of the 108 service and wanted them to discuss issues if there were any with the government. The GVK Group said that the service would run as usual.


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