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166 New Footbridges in Hyderabad city skyline


FOOT-OVER-BRIDGE-HYDERABADTalking about the Telangana government’s plans to make Hyderabad a safer and more beautiful city, IT and panchayat raj minister K.T. Rama Rao said on Wednesday that the government was planning to construct 166 footbridges and other projects across the city over the next year or so.

“This will partially reduce road accidents in Hyderabad,” he said during a Q&A session organised by FLO (Ficci Ladies Organisation) on Wednesday.

According to data available on the Hyderabad Traffic Police Website, there have been 1,053 road accidents in the city till May this year — about seven accidents a day. In 2013, the total number of accidents reported was 2,409. And according to a recent study, about 52 per cent of people who die in road accidents are pedestrians.

On the aspect of women’s security, Mr Rama Rao said that the proposed Wi-Fi project in the city would help the police to reach out to women in danger, by getting her accurate location.

The minister, however, admitted to arguments that a WiFi-enabled city would lead to higher risks of cybercrime. “It is truly challenging to handle cybercrime. But its benefits far outweigh the concerns,” he explained.

The government has plans to beautify and develop the Musi River. “Our government gives a lot of importance to heritage. We could recreate the old charm by fast-tracking its beautification,” he said.

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