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Around 360 models in IIIT show


Around 360 models created by students were presented at 13th ‘Research and Development Showcase’ organised by the International Institute of Information Technology. The annual event is designed to encourage students from various parts of the State to come up with original concepts, some of which are often incubated by the industry.

IIIT director P J Narayanan said, “The motive behind conducting Research and Development Showcase is to encourage students to take up research as a career”.Students exhibited around 360 models, from both IT and non-IT streams, including humanities, linguistics and social sciences. The models were inspiring and novel, he added.Narayanan said, “It is important that students’ models should be shown to industries and it would help them to have hands-on experience about practical models too”.Talking about student research products turning into company incubations, the IIIT director said, “We have many students who connected with the companies in student life and established them as full-fledged ones. We want to promote this as they are creating new products for future”.
Students exhibited around 360 models from both IT and non-IT streams

He said that students got funding from organizations like the Department of Space and Technology, government funding agencies, Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).Dean of Research and Development Vasudeva Varma said, “Our students have been collaborating with international organizations like Stanford, Oxford, and CMU for academic research programs and European Union projects”.

Talking about a new app created by students to help improve people’s health, he said, “Very recently a few of our students created an application that would help people to choose doctors who could prescribe treatment matching their disease conditions and place. Also it helps doctors to inform their work profile and research areas, timings, work places without actually asking patients to do leg work”.Several organisations like Tata Consultancy Services, Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, DRDO and government agencies visited the research exhibition.

Source from: Metro India

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