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No Andhra Pradesh history in Telangana school textbooks


Going on with the promise made by the TRS in their election manifesto that the history and culture of Telangana will be included in school textbooks, it seems that all is set ready for the same.

As far as the new course syllabus is concerned, according to sources, the school textbooks in Telangana will exclude the entire chapters and references of Andhra Pradesh history.

It is learnt that the Telangana government is firm on the very issue and wants all chapters related to Andhra history and the culture specific to that region to be erased from all school textbooks. It is also learnt that the state government of Telangana has formulated two committees to review the syllabus for social studies and Telugu.

It is also intended to add Telangana specific chapters in place of the deleted chapters. The change in the syllabus will not affect students in examinations as Telangana authorities will only be setting up the respective question papers.

The sources added that necessary instructions have already been issued by Jadishwar Reddy, the minister for education in Telangana. A senior official said that the instructions are very clear. Nothing related to Andhra’s culture or history should be there in the course curriculum.

Everything should be from Telangana’s viewpoint. Further, he said that it is obvious that references will be there in some parts but anything exclusively about Andhra region is to be removed. Also it is not the intention of the government that what gets included in the curriculum to be inflated.


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