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Andhrapradesh under President’s Rule

Andhrapradesh under President’s Rule

The Union Cabinet on Friday gave its nod for imposition of President’s Rule in Andhra Pradesh, after a gap of 41 years. This is the second time that Andhra Pradesh is being brought under President Rule since its formation in 1956. At the same time, the State Assembly is being placed under suspended animation.

By placing the House under suspended animation, instead of dissolving it, the Centre appears to have left a window open for possible installation of an elected government.

The recommendation of the Union Cabinet for imposing President’s Rule in the State is expected to reach Rashtrapathi Bhavan late on Friday night. After the President signs it, Andhra Pradesh would become the second State, after Delhi, to be placed under central rule. The Union cabinet’s decision to impose President’s Rule under Article 356 comes just over a week after the resignation of Kiran Kumar Reddy. Asked why the Centre had not gone for dissolution of the Assembly, Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh said: “It (House) has been placed under suspended animation. The Assembly could be reconvened at short notice — of two hours, 20 hours or 48 hours or even a week”.

Jairam’s cryptic comment suggests that the Congress has still not given up the option of installing a new government. About a week back, Governor ESL Narsimhan gave his report recommending imposition of central rule, but the Centre meanwhile considered the option of finding a replacement for Kiran Kumar Reddy. In fact, the Congress party had zeroed in on cinestar and Union Minister Chiranjeevi, but differences over caste equations and alleged pressure from the TRS foreclosed the option, resulting in the decision to impose President’s Rule for now.

The term of the present State Assembly, which is now being placed under suspended animation, will come to an end by June 2. The Election Commission is expected to issue shortly a notification for conducting elections to the Lok Sabha. Thus the elections to the State Assembly are also expected to be held simultaneously along with the Lok Sabha poll.

Source from: Metro India

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