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Anil Ambani hails KCR

anil ambani meets kcr
Anil Ambani hailed KCR

In what is said to be the first biggest Industrialists meet in the newly formed Telangana state, GV Krishna Reddy, G Mallikarjun Rao and Reliance Industries Anil Ambani met with KCR.

Ambani hailed KCR efforts in achieving Telangana and compared KCR to his father who also worked hard and made a benchmark which is hard to be reached by any other industrialist in the near future.

KCR is also considered to create a benchmark as mass leader and hard fought politician with lot of ups and downs in his career.

Its a good sign for the people of Telangana as Anil Ambani is planning to invest in and around Hyderabad. KCR is surely ahead of the Chandra Babu Naidu in his first 30 days.

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