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Arogya Lakshmi Scheme Details

The Telangana State government has now come up with New Arogya Lakshmi Scheme for pregnant and lactating women as a New Year gift.

The Arogya Lakshmi Scheme meant for the welfare of the pregnant and lactating women came into vogue from 1 January and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao has christened it as Arogya Laxmi on Monday.

Wishing that mother and newborns must be hale and hearty, KCR wanted that the target women must get the government-supplied nutritious food. Health is wealth, he averred. He said that a programme to provide one nutritious meal every day through Anganwadis to pregnants, new mothers and infants was

Arogya Lakshmi Scheme launched on January 1st 2015.

He informed that the programme is being implemented through 31,897 Anganwadis and 4,076 mini Anganwadis.

Arogya Lakshmi Scheme Details

  1. Eligible Persons : Pregnant women, Lactating mother, Children below 6 yrs
  2. Nutritious meal per day through Anganwadi and mini Anganwadi
  3. Women: 1 egg + 1 meal for 25 days every month
  4. 7 months to 3 yrs child: 16 eggs + 2.5 kg food packet (wheat, chanadal, milk powder, sugar and oil )
  5. 3 to7 yrs child: (rice, dal, vegetables and snacks ) + 1 egg/day
  6. Under the programme 16 eggs, instead of 8 eggs per month would be provided to the children in the age group of seven months to three years. Along with eggs wheat, milk powder, red gram, sugar and oil would be provided every month.
  7. Children between the age group of three years to six years would be provided daily one egg instead of 16 eggs per month and would also be given rice, dal, curries and snacks.
  8. The pregnant would be given full meals for 25 days, with eggs and 200 ml milk in place of the present three kg rice, one kg dal, half kg oil and 16 eggs. This programme would provide nutritious food to 5.90 lakh pregnant and lactating women apart from 18.20 lakh children.

Arogya Laxmi Scheme

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