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Balapur Ganesh Laddu: It’s 9.50L bid


Balapur Ganesh Laddu has achieved a great importance over a period of time. It is worth watching the live event and the fanaticism of the people once the bidding reaches the previous year’s amount. The actual root for vehemence in the crowd begins from the moment the bid crosses the limit set by the previous year’s bidder. In the bidding in which almost 20 bidders participate, it has been mostly Kollan Mohan Reddy and Kollan Krishna Reddy who won the bid most of the times.

If we clearly look into the details of yester years, it can be realized that the laddu which was sold for Rs 450/- in 1994 fetched Rs 9,26,000 last year. There was no downfall in the bidding amount. So, it was obvious that the amount will go beyond 9,26,000. This year the bid was taken over by Singireddy Jaihind Reddy for9.50l.

The detailed list of the bidders is as follows:


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