Balapur Ganesh laddu: The secret behind its popularity


Ganesh Chathurthi is one of the Hindu festivals that are fabulously celebrated in and around Hyderabad, every year. Almost 1 lakh community idols are set up during the festival and the Laddu prasadam is also auctioned.

At some places, auctioning of Laddu Prasadam is a daily affair for all 9 days – and at some places, it will be done at the closure of the celebrations. The popularity attained by the Balapur Ganesh Laddu is more than the popularity of any other Laddu Prasadam. Why is it so?

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The beginning of auctioning of the Ganesh Laddu has become regular in Balapur in 1994, fourteen years after the beginning of the celebrations. The trend of auctioning the Ganesh Laddu in the entire world is said to have begun in Balapur, a small village surrounding Hyderabad.

There is a strong belief among the folks that Balapur Laddu brings boon to one who buys it. It is the trust of everyone that the Laddu brings good luck to the bidder who wins the auction. After winning the bid, the winner would distribute it among the villagers and would also shower some of it in the fields for an enhanced yield.

It is worth watching the live event and the fanaticism of the people once the bidding reaches the previous year’s amount. The actual root for vehemence in the crowd begins from the moment the bid crosses the limit set by the previous year’s bidder. In the bidding in which almost 20 bidders participate, it has been mostly Kollan Mohan Reddy and Kollan Krishna Reddy who won the bid most of the times.

The detailed list of the bidders is as follows:


A famous verse from the Bhagavad-Gita says, “Man is of the nature of his faith – what his faith is that verily he is”. Surely, the person who wins the bid would develop a great faith supported by the strong customary belief of getting boon, if the bid is won. Such strong faith would attract very strong waves of positive energy (taking a reference of the concept of law of attraction) abundant in the universe, thereby achieving the most. Yes, it’s the secret!!