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Bathukamma celebrations 2014 fabulous response for 1st day


A fabulous Response for 1st day Bathukamma celebrations. All over the Telangana, the big event of Bangaru Bathukamma started impressive by the people of Telangana today on September 24 as a first day in 9 long days of celebration to be continued till the date of October 2.

These Bathukamma festival celebrations are to keep the tradition alive which is following from ancient days and also as a spirit of Telangana Culture and Telangana Jagruthi. The celebrations go with the entire women gathering on a ground to celebrate the festival by singing Bathukamma songs at the event.

Since the Bathukamma is recognised as a Telangana state festival and then the celebrations of this event is taken prestigiously by the KCR Government to make the celebrations memorably. Also, the private organizations from all over Telangana also works to protect the history and to promote the culture of Telangana region.

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