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Why not important Bathukamma festival in Mahabubnagar ?

Why not important Bathukamma festival in Mahabubnagar District. Geographically Mahabubnagar is located in the border of Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh state. The relationship that the two districts have on long time is more prominent. Mahabubnagar has been more or less drawn cultural infusion from Kurnool district more than that from any of the Telangana districts.

Many people opine that Bathukamma Festival is not very prominent in Telangana district. DK Aruna, the former minister in erstwhile Andhra Pradesh state government, has given it a reason that the festival is of South Telangana, so only it is not prominent in North Telangana. Before, going into the discussions, it is very much essential to have knowledge about the festival.

Bathukamma is a ten day festival that begins on the closed moon day of the Telugu Bhadrapada month, which is far and wide celebrated in Telangana state. This festival just falls before the festival of Dushera or Dasara. Significantly, this festival begins soon after the ending of monsoons. During this festival, Goddess Gauri is worshipped by the name Bathukamma.

The word Bathukamma in the local Telugu language literally means “Mother Goddess, Come Alive!” This is the festival of colours and the flowers. The flowers are arranged in a conical pattern that signifies the mother goddess and is called the Bathukamma.

Cultural imperialism is the factor that governed the most and Bathukamma festival has lost its significance to a certain extent in Mahabubnagar. But, it is not true to say that the festival is not celebrated at all. Also, it has nothing to do with the South Telangana and North Telangana.


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