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Best Companies to Work in India


The Business Today’s Best Companies to Work in India For list is out and guess what? Google has topped the list this year too. Market experts believe that work culture and good pay are key factors that drive people to Google. The top search engine company is followed by Accenture and TCS.

 Among the top brands are also companies that are not doing too well in the market but nevertheless preferred for their principles. Like they some even though, a few companies are private players they function like a government company as in offer permanent employment to candidates. Interestingly, only the other day we read the news that Microsoft is on a major lay off drive. Yet, it’s surprisingly among the top 5 brands in the market.
Now, the questions what makes people choose a particular brand? Says Anil Sharma, a HR consultant: “I have come across candidates who don’t mind taking a pay cut as long as it’s a big brand. I recently hired a techie for a software giant for which they paid him 10% less than his current earning. And he readily accepted it because it’s a big firm.”
This is the 13th edition of the annual Business Today Best Companies to Work For survey.
Source from: Thehans India

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