Bio Metric Attendance Introduced by Telangana Government


Telangana state government has decided to introduce bio metric attendance in all the Diploma in Education (DEd) colleges of the state. The decision was taken to put a check on ongoing malpractices by the management of the colleges by luring the students in the name of relaxation of attendance. The deputy chief minister of the state Kadiyam Srihari  has already issued directions to the school education department of the state to ensure that all the DEd colleges put in place the bio-metric attendance system before the end of this month.

Bio Metric Attendance

Bio Metric Attendance

The officials of the department have issued directions to all the colleges and asked them to strictly comply with the orders. The orders have made it clear that the attendance system would also be extended to the faculty of the colleges in order to ensure accountability. The officials are also planning to conduct college visit after the conclusion of the deadline to ensure the strict compliance of the orders.