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Central Govt Blasts L&T For Delay In Metro Project: Applauds TS Govt


Central Govt Blasts L&T For Delay In Hyderabad Metro Project. “Why write letters to the Central Government if you don’t have time for our meetings?”, a visibly angry Mr. Anil Swarup, IAS, said to the L&T representative who was deputed by the Managing Director of L & T Metro Rail Hyderabad V.B. Gadgil.

The MD who has been skipping meetings in the last few weeks drew the ire of the top babu Anil Swarup, who is the Additional Secretary & Chairman, Project Monitoring Group, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India. The elite group oversees all major investments in India.

Mr Swarup flew into Hyderabad to hold a progress meeting on Hyderabad Metro, India’s largest PPP Project. But Mr Gadgil, who sensationally leaked a confidential letter of the project last month to couple of Telugu dailies, skipped the meeting and instead sent a junior project director MP Naidu.

Mr Swarup wondered how could Mr Gadgil shoot letters at will to the Centre that L&T has not been getting required support from TS Government, create unnecessary headaches and then skip the meetings scheduled to discuss the very same issues.

The Addl Secretary went on to praise TS Government for its proactive approach in resolving issues like right-of-way, land allocation etc related to the metro project. He blamed L&T for the delay in the project and asked it to work with the TS Government on resolving outstanding issues and speed up the works.

Telangana officials too reportedly complained L&T is not giving its undivided attention to the metro project even while on-the-spot agreeing for several administrative approvals the l&T official raised freshly about in the meeting.

The meeting was attended by Chief Secretary Rajiv Sharma, GHMC Commissioner Somesh Kumar, Hyderabad Collector and other Metro officials.

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