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CM KCR Plans Skyscrapers near Hussain Sagar Lake


The Government of Telangana plans to build skyscrapers 60 to 100 Floors around historic Hussain Sagar as a step to improve the overall appeal and image of the city.

The proposed towers would house five-star hotels and guest houses for tourists.

Parks around the lake will be upgraded

Hussain Sagar to be cleaned completely

Skyscrapers near Hussain SagarUsing Google maps, CM checked various government lands in places surrounding Hussain Sagar such as Ambedkar Nagar, Boats Club, Lower Tank Bund, DBR Mills and Sanjeevaih Park among others.

The chief minister, who held a review meeting on this matter, instructed officials to identify possible locations besides gathering the land particulars of those sites for building the 60-100-storied structures around the lake as a first step in this direction.

The government also plans to clean up the lake, according to a release issued by the Telangana Chief Minister’s Office.

He discussed at length about the possibility of building 60-storied or 100-storied towers around the massive lake, the release said.

He said the Telangana government plans to bring the city on par with international standards and added that multi-storied buildings are one of specialties and attractions of international cities, the release said.

Multi-storied buildings have many advantages, he cited the example of Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur and the towers on the seashore along Mumbai as examples, the release said.

The Chief Minister has asked his officials to submit a report with full details about the land around the lake, the release said.

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