Come up soon Textile mill in Warangal


The Telangana State Government has decided to set up a giant integrated Textile mill in Warangal, said TRS MP Kadiam Srihari.

He lead a five member team to study the existing Textile mills at Surat and Bhiwandi and would also visit other places in the country before finalizing the modalities to set up a textile mill in the State.

According to TRS MP Kadiam Srihari., nearly three lakh people in Surat and 1.5 lakh in Bhiwandi belonged to Telangana districts.

The weavers from the State migrated to far off places to work in textile mills as they could not find jobs here in Telangana. If a textile mill comes up in Warangal, many of them would return with expertise.

“The vision of the Chief Minister is to provide employment to local people and also bring economic development to the State,” Mr. Srihari said.