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We Create 5 lakh govt jobs in Telangana says KCR


CM KCR announced in assembly We Create 5 lakh govt jobs in Telangana next 3 are 4 months. government on Monday given clarity in the Assembly that contract employees’ services would be regularized as per the commitment given by Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS).

Intervening in the debate on unemployment and contract employees regularisation issue, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao said that the ongoing issue of contract employees was the result of decisions taken by previous governments.

Finance Minister Eatala Rajender clarified that despite the shortage of officers in the State, the government was committed to solve the issue
“This is a 10-year-old problem that the Opposition wants us to solve in two minutes.

How can they expect us to come up with instant solutions?” he asked. He further added that contract workers were in a pitiable state and that their regularisation would be done following all guidelines.

“We will certainly follow roster reservation system. Of the existing 25,000 contract workers, 19,000 have been identified for regularisation and the remaining will also be accommodated after the Chief Secretary’s committee brings out its report.”

The CM said that a lot of progress was being made in several fields especially in power sector where several major power plants are slated to come up in the State. “We are beginning work on three major power plants in the State where a lot of employment will be generated.

Also, following the release of the Kamalnathan report, we will constitute a separate Telangana State Public Service Commission,” he said. The proposed Industrial Policy is slated to generate a lot of employment in the State, he added.

“We are going to further develop Hyderabad’s pharmaceutical industry which is the third largest in India and would create over 5 lakh jobs through the ITIR project in Hyderabad,” the CM promised. Members of the ruling party and the Opposition traded allegations regarding the government’s move to regularise contract workers in various government departments. Finance Minister Eatala Rajender clarified that despite the shortage of officers in the State, the government was committed to solve the issue.

He reminded the House that it was the previous governments that were responsible for shutting down of several public sector units like the Nizam Sugar Factory, HMT, IDPL etc. “We are facing problems due to lack of officers in the State. The Kamalanathan Committee report has not come out yet. There are over 1.07 lakh vacancies in the State as per preliminary reports,” he said.

Floor leader of BJP K Lakshman who initiated the discussion said that the State was going through a crisis with over 11 lakh unemployed youth crippling from lack of jobs. Seeking an explanation on the issue, he asked what procedure the government was going to implement in regularising contract workers’ jobs.

“What about the employment promised to all the students of Osmania and Kakatiya Universities who sacrificed their careers for the Telangana movement?” he asked. Congress MLA G Chinna Reddy suggested that the proposed skill development training centres should be setup across at every mandal and district in the State to create a sizeable manpower and a roster reservation system be followed to implement this scheme. BJP MLA NVSS Prabhakar demanded that the government constitute a one man committee to look into employment to people who lost livelihoods to Special Economic Zones and construction of MNCs.

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