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Dharani Website Telangana Government official portal on land records


Dharani Website Telangana Government official portal on land records: Dharani Website Telangana Pattadar Passbook Land New Registration and Download Portal will be Launched soon. Telangana Government will soon launch Dharani website, a new portal with all the land records.

The Chief Minister said that Dharani website on land records, will have the complete details. A special IT team will be formed to monitor the website. He said registered names or name change will be updated in the title deed on the very day of the transaction without leaving any scope for irregularities.

CM also said that Dharani website will serve as the base of information for those living in villages as well as for those in other countries for online land registration.

Dharani Website Telangana

Dharani Website Telangana

Having verified over 90 per cent of land records in the state, the TS government is taking precautions to ensure that no land disputes arise in future. The purified land database will be maintained in a secure, online system, which will not allow manipulation at any stage. A separate website, Dharani, showing the purified land records will be opened on April.

Property sellers and buyers, after reaching an agreement, must seek an appointment with the sub-registrar, just as one does when applying for a passport or vehicle registration. Licenced document writers will be available at the registration offices to prepare the documents. Sellers and buyers can fill in their own documents for which templates would be available.

Both sellers and buyers should be present at the sub-registrars office with their passbooks on the appointed date. Signatures and fingerprints of seller and buyer will be taken through biometric system. The extent of land sold will be removed by the sub registrar from the seller’s passbook on the spot and the same is entered into the passbook of the buyer. The sub registrar should attest his signature with the stamp. If the buyer is new, a new passbook with all the details will be given immediately.

The passbooks of both seller and buyer will be sent to the mandal revenue officer (MRO) on the same day. Mutation would be done about the seller and buyer.

These details will be recorded in the land records at the MRO’s office. The IT official at the MRO’s office will put these details online.

As with a bank’s ATM transaction, updates will be sent as SMSs to mobile phones of both seller and buyer. Passbooks need not be sent to the revenue district officer (RDO) as is done now; the name change and mutation responsibility lies with the MRO. After mutation, the MRO will sign and affix his seal and send it to the sub-registrar.

The sub-registrar will send the passbooks to both the seller and buyer by courier as is being done with passports. An SMS will be sent to both the buyer and seller with dispatch details.

In the e-passbooks issued to land owners, besides the account number, unique code of the passbook, village code, mandal code and owner’s Aadhaar number will be given.

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