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Dictator Benefit Show Theatres Details


Dictator Benefit Show Theatres Details Hyderabad. No Balayya movie in the recent past created such a hype and hoopla which Nandamuri Balakrishna’s most eagerly anticipated Sankranthi entertainer Dictator has created.

Dictator is Balayya’s 99th film and this has further increased the craze and expectations among his fans and trade circles.

Dictator Benefit Show Theatres Details

Rightly utilizing this craze, distributors from all areas are releasing the film in highest number of theaters in Andhra, Nizam and Ceded regions. In the US, Dictator will release in 99 screens. Trade circles are predicting huge opening day numbers.

Now, the Team Balayya Yuvasena from Kukatpally will be organizing a special benefit show of Dictator at 5:00 am at Bhramarambha theater in Kukatpally on the 14th. Fans can call: 9618184881, 9603032550 to avail the tickets.

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