Dikkulu chudaku ramayya movie review


Dikkulu chudaku ramayya movie review The movie by Trikoti is a very refreshing. Though the man is behind the camera for the past 20 years, this is first time Trikoti has directed a movie completely.

The story revolves around a middle class family , the father who is a bank employee, elder son going to college , younger son and the house wife. In the course of time the father and son duo fall in love with the same girl, father role portrayed by Ajay , and the son role by Naga Shourya.

Ajay’s dream is to have a girl friend and enjoy which he missed when he was young, Naga Shourya is a college goer and is sincere , Naga Shourya falls in love with the heroine portrayed by Sana Maqbool, who lives in Naga Shourya’s friends apartment.

Sana Maqbool is loan defaulter in the bank which Ajay works . Ajay happens to see her photo and plans to trap her, in line with his attempts to trap her , he makes a debt of 1 Lakh to clear Sana’s loan. The story revolves around this in first half , at the end of which Naga Shourya finds that his father is also in love with the same girl.

The second half unfolds the rest of the story, how the son who loves his father solves the tussle without hurting him and makes sure his mom and his family are out of danger.

The screenplay is refreshing, music by Keeravani is an added advantage.

Trikoti tastes success with a subject which would have not been this easy for any other director for sure.

Kudos Trikoti! Way to Go ahead.