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Congress Leader G Venkat Swamy (KAKA) Died


Telangana state Senior Congress leader G Venkat Swamy (KAKA) Died on 22nd Dec 2014. The 85 year old politician was senior and most experienced politician of Congress party, fondly known as KAKA.

KAKA was admitted to Care hospital due to age related ailment and was in a critical health condition.

Venkat Swamy was treated in the care hospital for the past few days but on Sunday his condition got worse. A team of doctors who are monitoring Venkat Swamy have shifted him to Intensive Care Unit on Sunday.

He was elected 7 times to Parliament from Peddapalli constituency and two times to Legislative Assembly.

Venkat Swamy had a wish of becoming India’s president, which constantly ignored by Congress.

Venkat Swamy’s two sons, Vinod and Vivek, while both are active in politics and in Congress party.

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