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Gaddar Meets the Pavan Kalyan ?

Amidst speculations regarding Pawan Kalyan’s political entry doing the rounds, sources say that an interesting stuff happened today in the form of Popular Balladeer Gaddar meeting the power star.

This was something unexpected and surprising. It is already known that both share mutual respect for each other and while PK likes Gaddar’s revolutionary songs, Gaddar has in the past expressed his admiration for Pawan’s social consciousness.

Sources say that political things may have transpired between the two looking at the timing of the meeting which comes just few days before Pawan’s scheduled press conference on Sunday. These days, Gaddar has been keeping a low profile politically.

But at the same time some others dismiss this news saying this has nothing to do with politics as it was only a meeting for a proposed film of PK and Dil Raju in the backdrop of Telangana! Whatever it may be, we will know in the next few days

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