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LRS Scheme Application 2016 Hyderabad – GHMC, HMDA


HMDA GHMC LRS Scheme Application 2016 Hyderabad Telangana: The Telangana Government has announced Land Regularisation Scheme (lrs) in Telangana.

The eligible applicants can apply online in Under GHMC Hyderabad. LRS Scheme Application 2015 through newly formulated guidelines. GHMC LRS Scheme Application 2016 will be accepted for six months from 2 November 2016.

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LRS Scheme Application 2016 Hyderabad


1 Copy of ownership document / Title Deed duly attested by a Gazetted officer

2 Site Location Plan

3 3 sets of detailed layout plan (one original on Tracing Paper / Cloth + 2 ammonia prints) showing plotted area, open space area, area under roads and plot applied

for regulation drawn by Licensed Technical Person and signed by applicant and Licensed Technical Person.

4 Urban land Ceiling Clearance Certificate in case, the site is covered by 10(6) list of ULC Act

5 Indemnity Bond and Undertaking

6 NOC from Defence Authority (where ever applicable)

7 NOC from Airport Authority of India (where ever applicable)

8 Demand Draft / Pay Order

9 Market value certificate issued by Registration Department indicating the market value of the plot as on 28.10.2015.

10 Any other documents (pl specify)

LRS Scheme 2015 Hyderabad Telangana who are applicable


(a) These Rules shall be applicable to Hyderabad Metropolitan Development

(b) These Rules and conditions herein shall be applicable to all existing Authority, Kakatiya Urban Development Authority and Basara Urban evelopment Authority, Municipal Corporations, Municipalities and Gram Panchayats falling in the Master Plan limits in the State of Telangana.

unapproved sub-division of plots, existing unapproved layouts or ventures promoted by land owners/ private developers/ firms/ companies/ property developers /Societies where the plots have been sold by registered sale deed on or before 28.10.2015.

(c) These Rules are only intended for regulating the unplanned development and shall be applicable to all unapproved layout areas which have learance from the competent authorities under the Urban Land Ceiling and Regulation Act 1976, AP Land Reforms (Ceiling on Agricultural Holdings) Act, 1973 wherever required and which have not been entered in the Prohibitory Register of lands maintained by the Revenue Department.

The Regularisation measure would not absolve the plots or layout from the application of Land ceiling Laws, land disputes or claims over title, boundary disputes, etc. In respect of assigned lands, prior clearance from the District Collector shall be obtained.

(d) In the event of only some plot holders coming forward for regularization in an unapproved layout, the layout pattern as approved by the competent authority shall be applicable to the entire layout area. The local authority shall be responsible for enforcing such approved layout pattern.

How to Apply GHMC LRS Scheme Application 2016 Hyderabad

LRS Scheme Application 2016 Hyderabad


Click here to Download HMDA LRS Scheme Application 2015 pdf

Visit HMDA Official website for more Details

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