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GHMC Voter Enrolment will be on till Poll Notification

GHMC Voter Enrolment:  Sccording Intensive Housing survey, there are over 78 lakh voting card holders in Hyderabad, the city’s population is more than 1.27 crore. Officials had deleted the names of seven lakh voters but after the Central Election Commission intervened, 21,000 voters had appealed for re-inclusion.

GHMC Voter Enrolment

GHMC commissioner Mr B. Janardhan Reddy said that various publicity and awareness campaigns involving the residential welfare associations, self help groups and other organisations would be taken up. The process of election work will be taken up shortly after the notification.

Around 7,500 polling stations have been provided and enrollment of voters will be continued till the notification is issued. After the inclusion of new voters ward wise, some votes will increase. If there are more than 1,250 voters in a polling station, additional stations will be provided, he said.

State Election Commissioner Mr V. Nagi Reddy, meanwhile, has said that voters can enroll and/or make corrections in the electoral rolls till the notification is issued. He requested RWAs and NGOs to play a vital role in conducting the ensuing GHMC elections.

To increase the voting percentage, officials have been directed to see that voter slips are given to people and also necessary information be sent through SMS / email so that the voting percentage increases.

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