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Guidelines For Telangana Food Security cards & Pensions Beneficiaries


The Telangana State Government Guidelines For Telangana Food Security & Pensions Cards Beneficiaries. Last Date to Submit Application for Telangana Food Security Cards & Pensions is extended up to 20th October 2014.

As per Reference, Collectors Meeting on October 7, 2014 with Hon’ble CM at Hyderabad; Government of Telangana intends to issue Food Security Cards to poor households and sanction pensions to old age, widows, disabled, toddy tappers and weavers from the poorer households during November 2014.

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Telangan aahara bhadratha / food security card application form Application form

The objective of providing food security cards is to essentially help the poor with subsidized food grains and shall not be linked an other schemes except food grains. Similarly pensions are provided to the elderly, widowed, handicapped and certain artisans to live a life with dignity. These food security cards and pensions shall be sanctioned to eligible households and beneficiaries as identified in the recently concluded intensive household survey and through a process of verification by Tahsildars and MPDO’s respectively.

In continuation of the meeting with District Collectors and Hon’ble Chief Minister on 07.10.2014, detailed planning needs to be done to ensure the proper identification of Households / Beneficiaries from October 15, 2014 onwards. While pensions for the month of October will be disbursed in the month of November, new food security cards will be issued during the month of November. This would be possible only a detailed process of identification and verification of beneficiaries. In doing so, care should be taken to ensure:

  1.  No eligible household / beneficiaries is excluded
  2.  No ineligible household / beneficiaries is included

There is a need to sensitize all Tahsildar to take up the heavy tasks with all seriousness. The data collected during the Samagra Kutumba Survey may be used as a reference. In respect of identification of beneficiaries under AAY Cards, the guidelines of the Commissioner Civil Supplies and district wise allocations, which have been communicated earlier, may be kept in mind.

Guidelines for Identifying Eligible households / Beneficiaries

The following guidelines are issued for identifying the eligible households / beneficiaries are under.
1. Applications for the Food Security Card & Pensions: Any person desirous of a food security card or a pension shall submit an application written on paper and addressed to the Tahsildar (in case of food security card) or the MPDO ( in case of a pension) of the concerned Mandal for food security cards and Pensions.
The application shall contain the minimum information like:

  •    a. Name of the Mandal
  •    b. Name of the Gram Panchayat
  •    c. Name of the Habitation
  •    d. Address; giving details of house number, locality etc.
  •    e. Name of living Head of Household
  •    f. Names of Family Members & Aadhar Card Number of all members of the household.
  •    g. Mobile number of the Family numbers

All applications shall be submitted to the VRO / Gram Panchayat Secretary of the village who shall in turn submit the same to the MRO.

Publicity: The VRO / GP Special Officer shall give wide publicity among the households through pamphlets, posters on public vehicles, hoardings and Tom-Tom seeking the applications for Food Security Card from the poor households. The Village Revenue Assistants (VRA) shall also visit each of the household under his/her jurisdiction and inform the households to apply for Food Security Card/ pensions if they so desire.

Submission of Applications: The collection of applications shall be done upto 15th of October, 2014 by the VRO / GP Secretary. All applications submitted shall be entered in a register which will give details of S.No. Name, Surname, Contact number date wise and acknowledged to each applicant giving the serial number of his application. The applications collected by VRO / GP Secretary shall be submitted to the Tahsildar of the concerned Mandal.

Nodal Officer:
The Tahsildar of the Mandal shall be designated as the Nodal Officer for identification of eligible households and beneficiaries for Food Security Cards and Pensions. Similarly the MPDO shall be the nodal officer for identifying eligible beneficiaries for pensions. Collectors may work out the modalities where the verification could be done by a common team for FSC and Pensions and sent separately for approval for pensions and food security cards to the MPDO/MRO respectively. For this purpose the Tahsildar of the Mandal shall constitute verification officers from out of Tahsildar of the Mandal, MPDO, Deputy Tahsildar, Revenue Inspectors and Senior Assistant (Revenue Inspector Cadre).

The Tahsildar shall designate the above officials by allocating the Gram Panchayat’s of the Mandal. Depending upon the availability of the above officers, the Gram Panchayat’s of the mandal have to be distributed. The Tahsildar will notify the allocation of Gram Panchayat’s to each of the officer. The allocation of the Gram Panchayats verification officer wise shall be entered on the website which can be accessed at website. The applications received from the villages have to be handed over to the concerned verification officer for detailed verification.

Verification of Household Details

The verification officer in-charge for each Gram Panchayat shall visit each of the household with the household application form, household verification form and other valid documents for verification.

  1. The verification officer shall be solely responsible for the data collected and verified. The verification shall start from 16th October, 2014 and complete by 30th October, 2014.
  2. During verification, the concerned verification officer can also collect fresh applications, if already missed by the VRO or GP Special Officer.
  3. After verification of each of the household, the application shall be tagged with the Samagra Kutumba Survey Number. The concerned officer shall certify that, he/she has personally visited each of the household and the eligibility is verified and recorded as eligible or not eligible.
  4. It is the sole responsibility of the verification officer to check and verify the eligibility of household for issuance of Food Security Card and Pension.
  5. The officer shall use the pre-populated data given in the downloaded household verification format for verification. For each of the item in the household verification format, the officer has to check if the data given in the SKS survey tallies and where it does not tally write the correct details in the space provided. tick mark for the correct data or shall write corrected data

Verification Procedure

The following verification procedure may be followed:

  1. Tagging applications to the SKS number: all applications for FSC cards or Pensions shall be tagged to the SKS number by using the verification formats downloaded from the SKS website.
  2. Capturing the land details for the household through 1-B register: For each of the application capture the land details from the RoR 1-B Register / Pahani and enter the data on the website or on the verification form.
  3. Download the verification form for the household: The formats for the verification form containing pre-populated data will be made available for download from Telangana Samagra Kutumba Survey Website maintained by NIC. The Tahsildar shall arrange for the printing of the verification format – GP Wise and shall hand over the same to the concerned verification officer for taking up detailed verification.
  4. Physical Verification of the Household/ Beneficiary: Proceed to the village / ward for physical verification of the following:
  5. Housing type (Thatched/Plastic Roof/Tiled/RCC)
    ii. Number of Family Members (The verification officer must specifically verify if the members in the family are living together and were deliberately split for the purpose of the survey. if so they must combine the survey formats)
    iii. Aadhar Card Number of all the family members – verification officers are requested to verify the correctness of the Aadhar numbers with reference to the Aadhar documents.
    iv. Employment Details of all the family members if any (please capture details if they are daily wage laborers/govt/public sector/ private employee/outsourced employee/contract employee)
    v. Actual enjoyment/ possession of land may be ascertained in the local enquiry and enter the details in the verification format.
    vi. Type of Business if any
    vii. Owners of Four wheeler cars
    viii. Presence of any member with Disability
    ix. Nomadic Households/ PVTGs
    x. IT Assesse

Eligibility Criteria

The objective of providing food security is to help the poor. Therefore, the persons belonging to the households fulfilling one or more of the following conditions listed below shall not be eligible for Food Security Cards & Social Security Pensions as follows:

  1. Having land more than 2.5 acres wet/ irrigated dry or 5 acres dry or combined (wet and dry)5 acres.
  2. Government / Public sector / Private sector employment / outsourced employee c. Doctors, Contractors, Professionals and self employed.
  3. Having large business. (oil mills, rice mills, petrol pumps, rig owners, shop owners etc)
  4. Government pensioners and freedom fighter pensioners.
  5. Owner of four wheelers etc.
  6. Any other criterion which the verification officer may assess by the manner of his lifestyle, occupation and possession of assets rendering him as ineligible
  7. In respect of all pensions except disabled and widows, only one member (namely the women) per household shall be eligible for a pension.
  8. For old age pensions the age should be 65 years and above and should be evidenced by documentary evidence such as birth certificate, electoral roll, Aadhaar card or any document which shows the proof of age. The verification officer must be able to arrive at a rational assessment of the age by corroborating with other factors such as age of children, grandchildren’s marriage etc. Verification officers must be careful of erroneous or wrong entries
  9. For widow pensions the death certificate of the spouse is a must to be eligible for a widow pension
  10. For a pension under persons with disabilities, a SADAREM certificate showing the degree of disability as more than 40% are eligible. Persons without a SADAREM certificate should be asked to get one.

It is very clearly stated here that these guidelines and the food security cards issued as a result of this exercise are meant only for the purpose of the public distribution system subsidized scheme for food security and will not entitle the food security card holders to benefits in another government schemes. These food security cards will also not be valid for any other purpose. District Collectors shall send a clear message that disciplinary action will be initiated on errant and lackadaisical verification officer’s concerned.

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