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Highlights of KCR Independence Day Speech


In Indian history, the Golconda Fort is the only one that was never conquered by armies, but seized by deceit. This speaks volumes about this magnificent granite edifice dating back to the 16th century, lying to the west of Hyderabad, now a venue for the Telangana State government’s Independence Day celebrations.

Golconda Fort derives its name from the Telugu words “Golla Konda” which mean Shepherd’s Hill. Historians say the Kakatiyas of Warangal originally constructed the mud Golconda fort in 1347 and it was subsequently rebuilt in granite by later rulers, especially Sultan Quli, Jamshed Qutub Shah and Ibrahim Qutub Shah between 1518 and 1580.

Here are the highlights:

  • Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao arrives reviews arrangements for flag hoisting ceremony, selects place where flag will be hoisted and parade of soldiers will take place
  • Final decision by the CM awaited
  • Telangana residents are comparing Mr Rao’s decision to unfurl the national flag atop Golconda Fort with the Prime Minister’s flag hoisting ceremony atop the Red Fort.
  • Telangana state police and Central Paramilitary personnel have been deployed for security
  • No vehicles without security clearance passes are allowed to come near the Golconda Fort
  • Security forces have cordoned off the entire area around Golconda Fort
  • Various cultural programmes have been arranged for the Independence Day celebrations, the rehersals of which are going on
  • KCR arrives at the Golconda Fort and receives the guard of honour
  • KCR unfurls the national flag
  • Greetings to all citizens of Telangana. In our fight for independence we have followed the path of Gandhiji
  • KCR recollects how Mahatma Gandhi had helped India gain independence from the British
  • KCR recollects the glory and says it is a great moment for Telangana to celebrate the first Independence Day at Golconda Fort
  • KCR extols the glory of the Golconda Fort and its historical significance
  • Businesses from other countries flourished at the ramparts of Golconda in the yester years
  • Telangana’s glory and history are enshrined at the Golconda fort
  • The Golconda Fort has a huge significance in the lives of every Telangana citizen, because of which it is justified that the celebrations have started here
  • To improve the brand image of Hyderabad investors have been identified, who are going to invest
  • To improve the law and order situation of the state, police training centres and new recruitments will be held among police
  • Telangana’s culture will be showcased at Ravindra Bharathis
  • Recognition and awards have been instituted to honour and promote culture and arts
  • 15 per cent reservation will be provided to Muslim minorities
  • 1000 crore rupees has been allocated for the development of the state in education

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