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Holi Holiday Telangana 2018 – TS Govt Holiday

Holi holiday in Telangana on 1st March 2018


Holi Holiday Telangana 2018: Govt holiday for Holi in Telangana on Thursday. Holi 2018 will begin in the evening of Thursday, 1 March and ends in the evening of Friday 2 March 2018.

Holi Holiday Telangana 2018

Holi Holiday Telangana 2018

Amid confusion over the date to celebrate Holi fest, the Telangana government is likely to stick to its initially announced public holiday on March 1, to celebrate the festival of colours.

The advice of Endowments department was sought in wake of the Central Government holiday for Holi on March 2. Endowments department in turn consulted ‘panchangkarthas’ and purohits, who reiterated that festival should be celebrated on March 1.

Confirming the development, a higher official said that there will be no change in the public holiday date (March 1), irrespective of the Central government’s holiday deferring by a day.

Telangana Vidhwatsabha stated that March 1 was declared as Holi festival a year ago and accordingly all ‘panchangkarthas’ incorporated the same in their calendars.

“Following this, the government also finalised the public holiday on the same date much earlier. There is no confusion in the festival date and hence people in Telangana can celebrate the festival of colours on March 1,” it said.

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