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How to Get Birth Certificate Online in Telangana State


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How to Get Birth Certificate Online in Telangana State

A Birth Certificate is the most important identity document that makes it possible for anyone in possession of it to benefit from a gamut of services offered by the Indian Government to its citizens.

It becomes necessary to obtain a Birth Certificate because it serves to establish the date and fact of one’s birth for a whole range of purposes, like acquiring the right to vote, admission to schools and to the Government Service, claiming the right to marry at the legally permissible age, settlement of inheritance and property rights, and obtaining Government-issued identity documents like a driving licence or passport.

The Birth Certificate is an essential documents which gives right to avail any govt services in the state of Telangana. The govt of Telangana State has introduced the online services to its citizens to avail the important documents.

it is mandatory to register your child’s birth. This needs to be done within 21 days from the birth of your child. While most of the hospitals take care of

How to Get Birth Certificate Online in Hyderabad

the entire procedure.

Why do you need a birth Certificate

A birth certificate is an important document required to obtain a gamut of services.

It establishes the date and time of birth, which is needed to obtain admission to school, get a passport, voters ID,driving licence, a job, claim the right to marry at a legally permissible age, property rights, etc.

It is mandatory under the Registration of Births and Deaths Act-1969, to register births within 21 days. Those born after 26th January 1989 should have a birth certificate issued by the Municipal authority, Tahsildar or office of registrar of births and deaths.

What should a parent do ?

At the time of registering for an antenatal check-up, one should be careful to give the correct name and check the spelling of both the parents name.

If you have come to the hospital for the first time in labour, the person accompanying the pregnant woman in labour should ensure correctness as the mother will be in pain

After the birth of the baby, a birth note is given to the parents to fill.

Take care to double check the following important parameters:

Mothers name including surname/initials
Fathers name including surname/initials
Sex of the baby
Date of birth
Time of birth
Place of birth
Permanent address of the parents

How To Apply For Birth Certificate in Telangana

In case of birth certificate first you need to visit your nearest meeseva center and then you are required to request them for a fresh birth application form. After that you will fill the form with your correct name , spouce name , baby’s date of birth , hospital details , birth place , birth time etc.

After that attach the application form with Hospital Delivery confirmation letter . Now submit the application form to the meeseva department . The concerned officer will apply for a new birth certificate along with all your details .

For the Birth certificate online registration you need to pay a fee amount which is applied for all citizens who are applying for the same service.. From the date of applying within 15 days birth certificate will be issued at the concerned center.

And after 3 months you need to visit meeseva center and again apply for birth certificate with child’s name. At the time of applying with name you need to attach the application with old birth certificate photo copy.

To Register Birth Certificate Online In Telangana State —> Click Here 

On the basis of your details and request the concerned officer will verify your data that whether you have birth certificate or not. If you have been registered then you need to pay a fee amount Rs. 20/- and the service charge will be Rs.15/- which is to be paid.

Required Documents to Get Birth Certificate in Telangana State

Here we are providing you the important documents list which is essential for obtaining the birth certificate in Telangana

  1. Hospital Discharge Summary
  2. Parents birth ceritifcates
  3. Marriage certificate of the parents
  4. Proof of birth letter in hospital
  5. Parents’ identity proof (for verification)

 For More Info —> Click Here to visit Grater Hyderabad Municipal corporation(GHMC)

To Register Birth Certificate Online In Telangana State —> Click Here

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