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Huge potential in Telangana for tourism investments


Telangana tourism fairIn line with the Telangana government’s plans to strengthen tourism activity in Hyderabad and other tourism destinations across the State, industry bodies too voice that the State has abundant scope to nurture tourism and hospitality sectors. Earlier this month, Telangana government stated that it is keen to strengthen its tourism sector in the near future. It is working out a detailed strategy towards this direction and will invest Rs 60 crore in the State.

The State has plans to develop the Kakatiya Heritage Circuit and lesser known areas. The government will promote Jannaram near Kawal tiger sanctuary and Kadem lake resort in Adilabad, Alisagar lake resort in Nizamabad, and Saraswati temple of Basara. Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) in a report said on Wednesday that there is a huge scope for luring investments from the private sector in the two new States – Telangana and residual Andhra Pradesh that are endowed with abundant entrepreneurial talent, highly competent bureaucracy and forward looking political leadership.

D S Rawat, national secretary general of Assocham said, “There is a need for both the State governments to provide clear land bank policies for improving the physical infrastructure in order to attract new investments in the hospitality sector in their respective States. The States should also develop the tourism sector based on their respective core natural strengths, besides, they should also conduct tourism fair and festivals for showcasing the rich cultural heritage on a regular interval,” said Rawat. There is abundant scope to develop star-rated hotels across both the new States to offer quality experiences as second tier cities in the country hold huge potential to drive up the hotel and tourism industry.

“The State governments should develop tourism circuits through conjunction of sites as a package in order to offer the tourists a more complete experience. Public-private partnership (PPP) framework must be adopted to build and manage tourist facilities by laying down industry standards, ethics and practices, ensuring preservation and protection of tourist attractions.”

“Driven by the growing middle class with rising disposable incomes and ever-evolving lifestyles, domestic tourism offers tremendous growth potential for growth and development of India’s overall tourism industry,” further noted the Assocham. “There is a need to promote domestic tourism as it spurs job creation especially in the marginal, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), promotes entrepreneurship and accentuates demand for different categories of hotels.”

Source from: Metroindia

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