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Hyderabad Engineering students are fuelling ambition with their latest project


Imagine being stranded at a fuel station that has no petrol. You can’t get out of the station, because, you have an empty fuel tank and you can’t use diesel because your bike runs on petrol. A nightmare in the making. Not anymore.

A group of eight students from the Lord’s Institute of Engineering and Technology have collectively devised a dual fuel system for a bike that runs both on petrol and diesel.

Students from the mechanical engineering stream started working on this idea as part of their final submission project in the fourth year. Second year students were also roped in to help.

The inspiration behind the project was quite simple — varying fuel costs. “We don’t want people to worry about the fluctuating fuel prices, this method reduces expenses,” Azher Jaffer explains.

Anudeep Kumar, another team member, explains, “We used a second-hand Hero Honda CD-100 and made a few modifications with the engine.”

But would there be a difference in the performance now? “No, there is no change in the performance and mileage,” says Khader, another group member.

While dealing with the pollution issue, the group found that the only pollutant was NOx. “But, the levels of the pollution emission are well within the permissible pollutants level, 500-700 ppm,” adds Azher.

The funding for this project was shared by the college and the students. The students are now planning to work on different bike models and could also work on modifying the engine of a car.


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