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Hyderabad Metro rail mascot is Niz


Hyderabad Metro Rail got its mascot in Niz. Like international brands, Hyderabad Metro Rail designed a mascot to popularise its services in the city. HMR becomes the first Metro to have a mascot.

The rich history of the city, often called the “Land of Nizams”, inspired the name — Niz. Niz wears a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He is also comfortable in a sleeveless jacket. He wears a green Nizam turban. He also sports mojris and a pearl necklace.

The sceptre in his hand is of special significance. Niz is going to use it to direct and guide people. The sceptre also shows the royal connection of the mascot.

V. Gadgil, the managing director of L&T Metro, said, “We have spent over eight months designing the icon. We wanted a mix of the old times and the new culture that the city of Hyderabad has embraced.”

We wanted the mascot to reflect the culture of the Nizams as well as the modern hitech image of the city. Niz is going to be seen at all Metro stations.

In the future, L&T officers said that people can also call in and check on the services, and it will be Niz who will answer their calls.

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