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Hyderabad Multi Level Flyovers Plans Approved

The Government of Telangana on Friday Give administrative approval for construction of Hyderabad Multi Level Flyovers and Junctions at a cost of Rs.4,051 crore.

20 busy corridors of the city as part of Strategic Road Development Plan (SRDP) first phase.

Hyderabad Multi Level Flyovers

Hyderabad Multi Level Flyovers

The government on May 30 had issued orders in principle approving the project first phase costing an estimated Rs.4,051 crore, including civil works and land acquisition for development of multi-level flyovers and junction improvements at 20 corridors.

Accepting the suggestions of a high-level committee which examined the GHMC proposals, the orders issued on Friday by the Municipal Administration & Urban Development (MA&UD) Department state that the project should be completed in 2.5 years.

According to the orders, the SRDP is to be taken up with EPC tenders with deferred annuity payments and said tenders could be called for proposed works and agreements made with selected bidders in respect of works where 100 per cent of right of way was available.

The bidding parameter would be semi-annuity instalment while allowing joint venture with maximum of three partners duly insisting for minimum of 26 per cent equity for each partner.

The semi-annuity payments have to be funded by the internal resources of the GHMC and government would stand guarantee for these, adjusting the same against payments and budgetary support payable to the GHMC, the orders said.

Orders were issued on May 30 approving first phase of the project estimated at Rs. 4,051 crore

T Government plans to Construct Multi Level Flyovers in Hyderabad City

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