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Hyderabad Youth Working Towards a Better Tomorrow


Hyderabad Youth Working Towards a Better Tomorrow, Some prefer to vent their ire and get worked up. Some others want to protest and take part in a dharna to channelise their anger against the society. Some don’t hesitate to  kill themselves for a cause or become a martyr. Somewhere amidst all these youngsters are those who prefer to take concrete action on what they think is wrong.

Voluntary work is what they chose. Hyderabad boasts of several such organisations that have gathered the Gen Next to take up their pet causes and give back to the country whatever they can.  As the country celebrates its 66th Republic Day today, we scout the city to spot some youth who are silently working towards a revolution.

Hyderabad Youth Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Youth for Better India (YBI):

It is a movement for corruption-free India. State coordinator Raja Akula says, “YBI is a platform for the youth who dream of a developed India and for those who want to collectively work towards their common dream. We are an independent, non-partisan platform for all patriotic students and youth, like-minded individuals and other organisations. YBI is for college and university students and youth below 25 years.”

YBI has a federal structure and invitation-based membership.  “We educate the students about governance and its reforms (political, electoral and economic), anti-corruption, youth empowerment, platform for youth , environmental awareness, identify and take up youth issues and try to solve their problems,” says the young activist.

Creative Service society (CSS):

Md Azharrudin, secretary, CSS, says, “We are for youth who are willing to serve the nation. We have volunteers in every college. Mother Theresa & Swami Vivekananda are our inspirations,” he says.

“Our work on causes related to education, corruption, blood donations, environment, traditional Indian culture, helping the poor and the needy,” he shares.

“We enable admitting street children into schools. We raise funds to buy textbooks  and notebooksto poor students. We conduct blood donation camps and donate blood through our volunteers for needy. We started plantation campaign to create awareness among the public about environmental hazards and donate them many plants,” he shares.

Street Cause Hyderabad:

Street Cause is an NGO comprising mostly students. It is a platform for all those enthusiastic and passionate youngsters to do the little they can do to bring about the desired change in the society.  It was established six years ago by Akhilesh Jukkareddy who, like many students, wanted to create an impact on the society.

“Everyday, we hear many students talk about how they are not happy with the society, how things should change, how people should take charge.  At Street Cause, we create the change. We move forward with the idea that things can change and the society can get better. We have divisions established in over 30 different colleges and conducted more than 3,000 tasks so far. We strive to push boundaries. We set targets for ourselves and stay positive throughout while we achieve them.,” Shashank Srigiriraju, President of Street Cause for this year.

Hyderabad Youth Assembly:

Hyderabad Youth Assembly is an endeavor of Street Cause to accredit the youth and present them with an opportunity to give their two cents to the general public. The assembly consists of elite students picked from a wide assortment of choice educational institutions to tackle various socioeconomic concerns endemic to our country through dialogue followed by action. This year, the Hyderabad Youth Assembly is back with it’s 5th edition.  Eradication of extreme poverty and hunger, universal primary education,  gender equality and women empowerment are the priorities chosen this year.

“HYA is a NGO which gives an excellent opportunity for the youth who intend on doing their bit for the betterment of the society. Various problems related to Hunger and poverty, education, empowerment of women, child and youth are put forth and feasible solutions are discussed by the whole team.

Managing a not -for-profit organisation is filled with challenges, but HYA has always risen to these challenges and it has not only succeeded in meeting the goals but has also been successful in exceeding them year after year. HYA has so far created great impact in numerous lives and is dedicated to continue it.

My journey in HYA has been very exhilarating since the day one. It is a great platform which not only gives us all a opportunity to serve the society but also gives us a scope to improve ourselves,”

says Pranav Sistla, Chairman of HYA.

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