I’m personally monitor investment process in Telangana


Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Friday unveiled a special mechanism to deal with new industrial investments and promised that he would personally deliver sanction letters to new entrepreneurs. Participating in the IIMPACT summit at Singapore, Mr Rao invited investors to set up their units in Telangana in a big way.

“I can assure you that all industries will now be given the required permissions and clearances through a very effective Automatic Approval System, which will be a step ahead of the traditional single window system. I will personally monitor this approval process through a chasing cell in my office. A complete set of applications can be downloaded from our website.

When your final investment decision is confirmed, the investors will be received at the airport by the Government Protocol Officer and brought straight to my office. I will personally interact with the industrialist and collect his completed application and the detailed project report.

“The chasing cell in my office will ensure that within a week all the application papers are scrutinised and final approval accorded. We will also encourage a self-certification system, and all permissions and approvals will be accorded based on the self-certification given.

Once the final approval is ready, the investor will be invited back and the set of clearances will be given to him personally by me,” he said. He added that in order to overcome water shortage for the new industries, his government had already taken a decision to earmark 10 per cent of the storage of each reservoir for industrial use.

“We have identified a number of core sectors in which industrial investments will be treated on priority, which includes biotechnology and life sciences, IT hardware including bio medical devices, aerospace and defence sector, automobiles, chemicals and plastics, textiles, green technology, mineral-based industries and transportation and logistics hubs,” he added.

Source: DC