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India’s Largest Textile Park in Warangal come up soon


The Government of Telangana state is planning to set up India’s Largest Textile Park in Warangal as many as 1000 acres. This would make it the largest textile park in India.

The Govt wants to put to use the some of the land available in the premises of the now defunct Azam Jahi Mills. Earlier, the state government announced 2 textile parks, one in Warangal and another in Sircilla.

Warangal is one of the key producers of cotton among Telangana districts. The Azam Jahi Mills was established in Warangal in 1934 by the then ruler Nizam near Warangal railway station.

It reportedly employed more than 10,000 people even before Independence. It functioned for over six decades until the late 1980s. It was closed down in the early 1990s and then the land was sold away in mid 1990s.

Now, hardly 30 acres is left with the textile corporation. State’s renewed plans for the country’s biggest park would mean possibly looking for alternate sites where land is available.

While there are smaller units operating in northern Telangana districts, which are big producers of cotton, produced cotton is processed in neighboring Maharashtra as it has better infrastructure. The Government wants to avoid this and help the farmers and the traders alike.

The proposed textile park will have a large number of looms and will serve as a trade hub. The state wants the park to serve as an engine for generating employment opportunities for the thousands of people who migrate to neighboring states for work.

The government plans to provide land and create the required infrastructure. It will provide a competitive tax structure for the textile units, on par with other states. The textile park would house units from several companies involved in cotton trading, clothing and apparel manufacturing.

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