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Jail for driving without a licence soon


With a view to ensuring discipline and instilling greater sense of road safety among vehicle users, police in the twin commissionerate limits are sending a proposal to government to empower them to arrest drivers without valid licence. Senior police officials claimed that this move was aimed at bringing down the number of accidents in Hyderabad. “Traffic police have decided to send a proposal to the government requesting them to allow traffic police to produce unauthorized drivers before court,” said Additional Commissioner (Traffic) Jitender.
According to the Motor Vehicles Act, no person shall drive a motor vehicle in any public place unless he or she holds an effective driving license issued to authorize him/ her to drive. Any person under the age of 18 years shall drive a motorcycle with engine capacity not exceeding 50 cc. In the enforcement drive conducted by the City traffic police between June 16 and June 30 in various spells, as many as 54,678 cases were booked against erratic drivers among which 1,003 persons were booked for driving without a valid license. Nearly Rs 5 lakh was collected as fine from these ‘unauthorized’ drivers.

Traffic police were conducting enforcement against unauthorized drivers and were penalizing drivers with huge amounts for not procuring licenses, which was also not so effective, as the motorists were left free after paying the penalty and were habitually indulging in the offense, said Jitender. “If a motorist without a valid driving license indulges in an accident or any other offense, the course of punishment would be more stringent and if the driver gets injured, he or she would not get insurance,” he said.

The rule of producing drunk drivers before the court has created an effect among the motorists and the number of cases registered for drunk driving were seen reducing. “It has created awareness and was so effective that any person would think twice to drive after getting drunk as he might land in jail,” the additional commissioner said. He said that there was a need to educate and create awareness among the public about MV Act which would ensure road safety and reduce traffic hindrances. However, there was the rule of cancelling the driving license, if any driver indulged in accidents three or more times.

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