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No joint police force in Hyderabad

Telangana CMThe Telangana government has rejected the proposal of Home Ministry to set up a joint force comprising police of the Telangana and residuary Andhra Pradesh to control the law and order in Hyderabad and set up a special cell to deal with hate crimes there under the direct control of the Governor ESL Narasimhan.
TheTelangana CM K. Chandrasekhar Rao who is stiffly opposing any Governor rule and said the common capital area is an integral part of Telangana state and there cannot be a joint force like the UN force.

Ajay Mishra conveyed T govt view to the Home Ministry in a communication that joint capital is only for expediting the bifurcation process and the Governor has been entrusted with the responsibility of maintenance of law and order in Hyderabad without any direct control.

On June 4, the Home Ministry sought the opinion of the Telangana government on the proposal for amendment of the Business Transaction Rules of Telangana. But the Telangana Govt sent its reply only on July 6th and firmly argued that it will be ‘gross injustice’ to people of Telangana if such overwhelming power is given to the Governor.

‘We will oppose it tooth and nail and cannot allow this to happen,’ KCR said again to a query from the Home Ministry to conceed at least setting up of a special cell headed by an officer not below the rank of IGP in both the Commissionerates and with a senior officer in the office of Ranga Reddy district to deal with hate crimes and crimes related to extortion or any other specified crime and ensure speedy trial. ‘No need for a central nominee, T govt will appoint a special officer for the purpose’ KCR said.

The Home Ministry proposed that for matters falling under law and order, internal security and security of vital installations, as well as the two Police Commissionerates currently operating in Hyderabad and Cyberabad and Commissionerates, and for Ranga Reddy district, the Home Secretary of Telangana shall brief the Governor as well as on those issues that have special significance.

The Telangana government rebutted it and said according to rules, the governor has to take decision in consultation with the Council of Ministers of Telangana and the Council of Ministers cannot be substituted by a Committee of Officers. ‘The Seemandhra guys have nothing to fear in Hyd, and it is only rumors of insecurity threats says T CM.

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