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JP Praises Grama Jyothi Scheme

The Loksatta founder-president Dr Jayaprakash Narayan has said we are Welcoming the TRS government’s new scheme ‘Grama Jyothy whole heartedly, he said Grama Jyothy Scheme is a strong step in local government’s empowerment and division of governance.

JP Praises Grama Jyothi Scheme

In a statement here on Wednesday, Jayaprakash Narayan stated that Loksatta was demanding Rs 1000 crore every year to strengthen the gram panchayats. “The Telangana government allocated Rs.25,000 crore for the coming five years on the basis of population”, he said. He said the funds from Centre have been increased as per 14th Finance Commission and at the same time the funds have to be increased to third phase governments.

“We are happy that the KCR government has taken an initiative in this regard”, he said and opined that the democracy flourishes only when third phase governments were strong.

Jayaprakash Narayan has made three important suggestions to achieve goal of Grama Jyothy scheme. They are: Firstly, the government has to set up panchayat clusters by providing office, computer, high school and required staff in every gram panchayat. Secondly, the government has to include the panchayats as a group to make them cluster because there is no use in case the panchayats were small.

The government has to allot Rs 1000 to 1500 crore to every panchayat and municipalities to create local governance in towns too. Thirdly, the government has to make the ward governments to spend the money. There were clear set up in constituency in setting up ward governments. The public committees will take up sanitation, roads, lights etc in case there were funds to them. 3.

The government has to set up Ombudsmen system in district level to supervise the use of funds and to initiate stringent action in case there were irregularities and corruption.

Urging the political parties irrespective of their affiliation to welcome the Grama Jyothy scheme, JP said that youth who have ethics have to participate in Grama Jyothy scheme to make it big success

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