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Kamalanathan committee final guidelines


The Kamalanathan committee final guidelines come out, This Committee, appointed by Central government to supervise TS AP Government employees distribution in the State cadre,

18 (F) remains; TS employee unions unhappy
Employees given two weeks to give options

The Kamalanathan committee updated final guidelines online on Thursday.  The committee did’t make any major changes to draft guidelines that were released in July.

The main demand of Telangana employee unions to delete 18 (F) Clause was not accepted by the committee, which, however, suggested both states to create super numerary posts as required.

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Kamalanathan committee final guidelinesAP and Telangana chief secretaries and reorganisation officials met here on Thursday.

Kamalanathan handed over the 19-page document that was approved by the Centre few days ago. Later it was uploaded onto reorganisation website.

Employees were given two weeks time to give their option which would not be altered afterwards. Seniority up to June 1, 2014 would be taken into consideration in allocation. On the other hand, vacancies would be filled based on reverse order of seniority.

Primarily the nativity principle will be followed. Although T employee organisations have been demanding nativity (place of birth) to be considered, the panel decided to go by school records and service registers. Employees should produce records of their study from fourth to tenth standard to be considered as local.

The principles for deciding on the allocation of employees have been notified. Persons, who immediately before the Appointed Day were serving on regular basis are to be considered for allocation. Employees holding posts on purely ad-hoc basis immediately before the Appointed Day are to be considered against regular posts held by them on the Appointed Day.

It states that spouse of an All-India Service officer, who is a State government employee, is to be allocated, where so desired by the spouse. Spouses in State government and related State government institutions, as far as practicable, will be allotted to the same State, after considering options made by them. Widowed, legally separated and divorced women employees will be considered for allocation to the State to which option is exercised.

Handicapped persons of more than 40 per cent disability will be allocated on the basis of option, subject to the procedure prescribed by the State government. The employees, who are known to be facing serious medical hardship, in cases of cancer, open-heart / by-pass surgery and kidney transplantation / kidney failure and continuing on dialysis will be considered for allotment on special grounds on priority on the basis of option, subject to strict proof of verification as per the procedure prescribed by the State government.

Vacant posts allocated to a State will not be used to allot a person unless there are more employees who are local candidates of that State.

Class IV employees and drivers are to be allocated on the basis of option or local candidature, as far as possible.

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