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KCR assures of a clean governance model


Telangana CMIn his first one on one interview with T- News aired live as “Mukhyamantri tho Mukha Mukhi” KCR assured people of good governance. A clean, green, and slum-free Hyderabad is the prime objective is his prime objective.

KCR spoke on how the government is planning to build a slum-free, clean & green Hyderabad with International Standards. A healthy city, sports city, education city will be developed in different directions of the city so that the congestion in the city is reduced, most of them will be built near ORR and plans are being drawn for another ORR within 70KM radius of the city.

Both the Horticulture and Tribal universities sanctioned in the recently concluded budget session in the parliament will be built in different districts paving way for uniform growth of all the geographical locations of Telangana.

The Chief Minister said that the power crisis will be overcome soon and the power lines being laid from Chhattisgarh will be completed in a period of an year and half.

KCR assured the people of that measures are being taken to curb corruption and unemployment.

He shared his views on why he brought up the Kalyana Lakhsmi program.

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