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KCR invites Singapore and Malaysia investors to Telangana


kcr_8Telengana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao displayed his maverick approach to attract investors by granting 28 permissions to investors in one sitting at Singapore.

During his meeting with investors on the sidelines of the IIM PACT alumni meeting to which he was invited set the pace with his official team launching the process there it self.

Most of the Telangana expatriates at Singapore are ready to return and set up shop in various sectors and KCR invited them with open arms.

Come to Hyderabad which will be just like Singapore ‘KCR told them he also drove 354kms by car between Singapore and Kaula Lumpur to understand the pace of urbanisation in the hinterland of the continent which projected and catapulted the economic activity.

‘This could be a parallel to what we should do in Telangana’ he told officials.

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