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KCR is a Very Committed And Very Sincere CM – Ratan Tata


Tata group Mr Ratan Tata made a great comments on Telangana state CM KCR. Ratan TATA said KCR is a A Very Committed And Very Sincere CM. He praised KCR’s commitment for the state and said he is sure Telangana would get prosperous.

Ratan Tata, who is now chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons, speaking at the event said “It is a great moment in the new life of the state headed by a very committed and a very sincere CM.

One cannot help but feel that you are taking part in the infancy of a new and ‘potentially prosperous’ state that needs investment in business, investment in education, skills and I am sure that under your leadership, sir, this is going to happen.”

It was Ratan Tata who supported the then Gujarat Chief Minister Narender Modi’s development plans, while UPA was ruling in Delhi. After the Nano project was discarded by Mamata Banerjee, the TATAs were invited by Gujarat and Nano setup shop in Gujarat.

Speaking the, in 2008, Ratan Tata gave a terrific boost for Gujarat’s brand image by endorsing Modi’s vision with his famous quip “a good M and a bad M”, comparing Mamata and Modi for their equations with businesses and economy. Mr Tata even recently made unflattering remarks about Bengal’s industrialisation, cooking up a storm in that state.

Tata’s words are seen as an endorsement of Brand Telangana and its rising clout


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