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KTR Open Letter To AP CM Chandrababu Naidu


KTR Open Letter To AP CM Chandrababu Naidu and demanded a reply if he have any guts. He bombarded question on both TDP and Congress on power problems.

The letter summary is as follows:

“We have the all the resources for thermal power plant. But why didn’t you construct the projects?

Why don’t you question Chandrababu even when he took away PPAs from Telangana?

The statistics are enough to tell about the backstabbing nature of these political parties.

Congress and TDP are responsible for the power shortage in Telangana. Again these parties are now blaming TRS government for their mistakes. We called for the tenders for Vaadra- Dichpalli Powerline. Telangana government is buying 17.5 Million Units from a total of 20 Million Units in all over India.

We have largest Coal reserves in India. The useless reform of the previous governments is the cause for the present Power shortage. Congress ruled for 40 years and TDP ruled for 17 years. Will there be a power shortage now, if they have constructed a 1320 megawatt project in Ramagundam, 600 megawatt project in Sattupalli, 800 megawatts in KTPS, 800 megawatt in Bhupalapalli?

Answer to the question is ask, if you have any guts

Is it not the Congress party that neglected the proposed projects of Kuntala, Ichampalli, Kathnapalli, Dindi, Singareddypelli?

Is it not the congress party that moved the proposed 1760 megawatt thermal station from Minuguru to Vijayawada?

Why the congress and TDP party didn’t respond when Chandrababu blocked our PPAs?

Who made it impossible for Telangana to buy current from other states. Who is responsible for the absence of Power corridor for Telangana?”


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