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Kuntala waterfalls Adilabad

Kuntala Waterfalls is the highest waterfall of Telangana. Amidst dense forests and sahayadri mountain range, the District of Adilabad is bestowed with nature’s beauty at it’s best. In the dense forests of the sahayadri mountain range are present many big and small waterfalls, which are fed by monsoons. Most of these waterfalls run through the living habitats of local tribal communities.

Kuntala waterfalls Adilabad

kuntala waterfalls

Thus giving a feast of ancient and ethnic culture of the tribals amalgamated with Mother Nature; to the eyes of the beholder. Among these Kuntaala and Pochera waterfalls are prominent.

Kuntala Waterfall is the highest waterfall of Telangana. About 32Kms from the district centre and 12Kms from the village NerediKonda nestled in dense forests is The Kuntaala Waterfall.

According to the popular and prevalent local belief Kuntala Waterfalls got it’s name after Shakuntala, the beloved wife of King Dushyanth who fell in love with each other and were mesmerized by the scenic beauty of the surroundings. The locals also believe that Shakuntaala used to bathe by the waterfall.

River Kanda flowing through the dense forests; at this point comes gushing and falls from a height of 45metres.One has to experience the sight of water splashing down with such a force that water below turn into whirls.

The air around will be filled with mist of the splashing waters. The cool breeze surrounds you with the aroma of the dense flora. The ecstatic feeling ,one has to experience.

The beauty of the splashing waters and music of the gushing waters is sure to make the visitor spell bound.

The beauty of the waterfall is beyond words in monsoons when River Kanda comes with a gush splashing the hillock with heavy rainwater. Hitting the water below from a height of 45mts is sight to cherish. The air is covered with a white cloud of mist tickling you. The water below is covered with gentle foam as pure as love.

Adjacent to Kuntaala Waterfall, We find the temple of Lord Someshwara Swami, the locals as well as the visitors offer this deity pujas. We reach this temple by passing through a hill slit into two, making a passage. This magnificent nature’s carving is very rare to see.

On “Maha ShivaRathri” festival this temple is beautifully decorated and devotees throng the temple from various places of the district.

How to reach?

250 kms from Hyderabad, and 45 kms (appoximately) from Nirmal, on National Highway no.7, and is on the way to Adilabad-NAGPUR.

Where to stay?

As these waterfalls are located near to village Neredigonda, you will not find any hotels to stay nearby. Ideal place is to stay in Nirmal hotels. You will find lot of good hotels in Nirmal.

Food Facility?

You will find some small hotels and Dhabas in Neredigonda Village, which is on the highway. You will not enjoy food, but you can take some snacks and cooldrinks before going to waterfalls. Take Food parcels from Nirmal hotels (on the way), if you are going from Hyderabad. How long it will be from Hyderabad?

When to visit?

Plan your trip in the months of July to December. So that you can enjoy the full flow of rain water.

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