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Make in India campaign Highlights

Modi Government’s progressive project to Make in India a manufacturing hub, PM Narendra Modi on Thursday promised easy governance to help achieve high growth and creation of jobs to India youth.

The ambitious Make in India scheme, which also puts in place the logistics and systems to address in a timely manner queries of potential investors, was unveiled along with a logo, a portal and brochures on 25 identified growth sectors.

Here are the highlights from Mr Modi’s sales pitch to top companies, just ahead of his US visit, where he will be meeting CEOs of several Fortune 500 companies.

Make in India campaign Highlights

  • I see many CEOs have not got a place to sit, because of such a big turnout
  • After hearing and seeing people here today, I don’t think I have to provide an additional assurance now that “Make in India”
  • Whenever I met people for the last few years they would tell me- we want to shift out. I never saw political reasons behind it
  • We do not want any industrialist being forced to leave India. Can say that we have been able to bring about a change in last few months
  • The most important thing required for business to flourish is trust. If there is any gap, then the government can intervene but we must start with trust. We want to trust all our countrymen
  • People are talking about FDI (foreign direct investment) but I see things differently. FDI is also a responsibility for the people of India. My definition of FDI for the people of India is First Develop India
  • India is an opportunity for foreign investors
  • Do not treat India just as a market, see the potential of every citizen of India… the faster people move into being the middle-class it will create an opportune market. And to move from being poor to middle-class, we must provide employment opportunities
  • We have to create opportunities of employment. If the poor get jobs the purchasing power of families will increase
  • Industrialists don’t come because of incentives, need to create development and growth-oriented environment
  • I do not only talk about good governance. I talk about effective governance
  • The world is looking at Asia. I do not have to waste time to invite people. I need to give them the address
  • Industry doesn’t come when there are too many incentive schemes. We have to create a growth oriented environment
  • Need effective governance, need easy governance for ease of doing busines
  • Nobody can question the talent of our people especially after yesterday’s Mars mission. The parts on the Mangalyaan were made in small factories in India… proves there is no dearth of talent
  • Through Digital India we make to make governance easy. Everyone should have information he wants in the palm of hand
  • We want highways. We also want i-ways (information ways) for a Digital India
  • The world is ready to come to Asia. India offers democracy, demographic dividend, demand
  • We have a ‘Look East policy’ and at the same time we have to ‘Link West’
  • Want to enhance Public-Private Partnerships in skill development. The government is dedicated to growth. There is no political agenda here, this is an article
  • States and Centre have to work together towards development
  • This nation is yours. There is no need to leave the nation. We want our companies to shine as multi-nationals (PM Modi to India Inc.)
  • If you want to capture the global market,  we are ready to stand by you as facilitators
  • People used to say ‘this started in our time’. Now they don’t anymore. They have realized that when they say this people will come to know how ineffective they were
  • Make in India is not a slogan, not an invitation. It is a responsibility for all of us. If Indians treat this as a responsibility, people will come in from across the world
  • Be assured you will not lose your money (PM Modi to industrialists)

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