Makkal Neethi Mayam Symbol Download / MakkalNeedhiMaiyam


Makkal Neethi Mayam Symbol Download/ MakkalNeedhiMaiyam Symbol Download: Kamal Haasan has finally announced his political party, the Makkal Needhi Maiyam, but while doing so, he may have made a serious blunder by inviting a certain guest.

Makkal Neethi Mayam Symbol Download

Makkal Neethi Mayam Symbol Download
Tamil films superstar Kamal Haasan has finally announced the name of his new political outfit. It’s called Mahhal Needhi Maiyam, translated as ‘Party of the people’

“This is the revolution of a lifetime”, Kamal Haasan said, shortly before welcoming under-fire Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on to the stage.

MakkalNeedhiMaiyam Symbol Download

Kamal Haasan Makkal Needhi Maiam Party

7:47 pm: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and AAP Tamil Nadu in charge Somnath Bharti at the launch of Kamal Haasan’s political party in Madurai.

7:43 pm: You must be an example to the present day political system & i will be seeking your suggestion rather than giving you speeches: Kamal Haasan.

7:40 pm: My party’s name is ‘Makkal Neethi Maiyyam’: Kamal Haasan.

5: 23 pm: Hindu groups accuse Kamal Haasan of using Abdul Kalam’s name for political mileage. Protests were reported in many areas of the state and black flags were shown to the actor’s fleet.

5: 11 pm: The crowds began to mushroom with each pit stop along the way. They waited for over two hours but immediately began dancing as the actor arrived.

4: 39 pm: On his way to Madurai, Kamal Haasan had a brief stop in Paramakudi. “I grew up in these streets,” the actor said there, as per media reports.

4: 16 pm: Reportedly, Kamal Haasan’s hometown Paramakudi gave him a rousing welcome. People swarmed the street lauding his name.