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Medak school bus accident: A story of Ruchitha’s heroism


medak-school-bus-accident-childRuchitha a schoolgirl who was present inside the school bus at the time of the accident on last Thursday and who has been undergoing treatment at Yashoda hospital in Secunderabad, saved two other students and she sustained injuries.

The hospital management said that the said girl is very active and has been getting well soon as compared to others admitted in the hospital.

According to sources, the girl said that she always gets the first rank. Further, she said that she was sitting in the third row on that fateful day and has realized the approaching train well before.

She said that the bus was already on the track and the driver was speaking to someone over the mobile phone. There was no use of informing the driver about the approaching train as he could not heed to their cries, added the girl.

After realizing that the train was approaching, she has thrown two kids – Sadbhavan and Mahipal Reddy from the window of the train, added Ruchitha. She said that she has even tried to throw her own brother but could not act timely.

Ruchitha also said that the marriage anniversary of the driver who regularly drops the children fall on that fateful day, coincidentally. It was due to which the other driver has come on that day, in place of the original story. She said it was how the train accident happened.

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