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Microsoft declare Windows 10

Microsoft Declare Windows 10 on 1 Oct 2014. Microsoft Declare the next version of Windows operating system Windows 10. The next major upgrade to Windows and the return of the Start menu.

Windows 10, which skips a number in its sequential order (many believed it would be called Windows 9), is the first major update since Windows 8, which was considered a failure by many and virtually ignored by businesses. It will also be the name of the next mobile operating system for Windows Phone.

The current version, Windows 8, has been widely derided for forcing radical behavioural changes. Microsoft is restoring some of the more traditional ways of doing things and promises that Windows 10 will be familiar for users regardless of which version of Windows they are now using.

Windows 10 will be available in late 2015.

Although it’s unclear why Microsoft decided to name it Windows 10 instead of Windows 9, perhaps there’s one obvious reason: the company wanted to distance itself as much as possible away from the previous version.

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