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Modi’s Sydney Speech Highlights


The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi’s Sydney Speech Highlights, Modi says, “This welcome, this respect and the enthusiasm of yours I dedicate it to the people of India.”

Modi’s Sydney Speech Highlights

PM Modi says this massive reception in Sydney will galvanise India.

PM Modi invokes Swami Vivekananda’s legacy.

PM Modi says, It is my good fortune that I’m the first PM of India to be born post 1947.

PM Modi says, I wasn’t lucky enough to sacrifice my life for our country, but we can surely live for the nation.

PM Modi says, Leave at night and you’ll reach Australia in the morning. But it took 28 years for the PM of India to come here.

PM Modi assures Indian diaspora saying My friends in Australia I assure you…you won’t have to wait for 28 years.

PM Modi says Sydney is a beautiful city and Australia is a beautiful nation. Both both India, Australia can’t live without cricket.

PM Modi says ‘Bharat Mata’ has 250 crore arms, 200 crore arms are below 35 years of age. It’s the youth who hold capacity to fulfill dreams.

PM Modi says I see no reason why India should stay behind. It is decided we will move ahead.

PM Modi says, In 1964 Olympic games in Tokyo an Indian person represented Australia and that is not a small thing.

General Elections were going on in India but I know that there was not a moment in those polls that you weren’t connected to, PM Modi tells Indian diaspora.

My focus is that I want to work for the small people, to make the small people big, PM Modi says.

I want the poorest of the poor to be part of India’s growth, says PM Modi.

PM Modi says when I spoke to Reserve Bank about “Jan Dhan Yojna”, they said it will take 3 years to launch it, finance ministry said it will take 2 years, and my PMO office said it will take 1 year. But, during Independence Day speech I announced the progarmme and said that it will be done in 150 days.

PM Modi says 71 million bank accounts have already been opened in last 10 weeks under Jan Dhan Yogna.

PM Modi says Swach Bharat Abhiyaan will benefit the poor, invites people of Indian origin in Australia to help build toilets in India.

Illness is a big burden on the poor and there is no greater service to the poor than focussing on cleanliness, says PM Modi.

One should learn the dignity of labour from Australia and I want to propagate the idea that cleaning isn’t below dignity, says PM Modi.

People back in India need to change the mindset. In India we call the person who comes to collect our garbage as ‘kachrewala’, infact his ‘safaiwala’.

PM Modi says, Mahatma Gandhi gave us freedom. In 2019 on his 150th birth anniversary, we should give our Father of the Nations a clean India.

PM Modi says, We have started Make in India programme for our youth who can contribute to the world.

Whenever someone wants to invest in a country the investors need to be given high quality of life, that is what “Make In India” aims to do: asserts PM.

We have allowed 100 percent FDI in Indian railways, PM Modi says.

We have decided to open up 3 universities specifically meant for railways. If one needs to get a job in railways, he/she needs to study there and get a job, PM says.

India is blessed with youth force. The world requires workforce and that can be met by Indians, however for that skill development is important, PM Modi asserts.

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