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Narendra Modi Speech at SAP Center San Jose USA

Narendra Modi Speech at SAP Center San Jose, California – Full Speech, Modi In USA Tour, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sunday said the world should stop differentiating between “good terrorism and bad terrorism”.

“The UN is celebrating its 70th anniversary but till now it has not been able to arrive at a definition for terrorism. If defining it takes so much time, how many years will it take to to tackle terrorism,” he said.

“Humanist forces in the world will have to put pressure so that it is decided in black and white what is terrorism. Since there is no definition, talk about good terrorism and bad terrorism is going on.

We cannot protect humanity with this good and bad terrorism,” Modi said, adding that “terrorism is terrorism”.

Narendra Modi Speech at SAP Center San Jose USA

Top quotes of Narendra Modi at SAP center in San Jose

  • Across the world a new image of India has emerged. The old thoughts about India are going away: Modi
  • I am experiencing India’s vibrant image in California, says Narendra Modi
  • I am coming here after almost 25 years and I am seeing a lot of changes including new faces: Modi
  • Today is September 28 in India. It is the birth anniversary of the brave son of India, Bhagat Singh: Modi
  • Good evening California, says Narendra Modi as he begins his speech.
  • We are harbingers of peace. We come from the land of Mahatma Gandhi and Gautam Buddha: Modi
  • Narendra Modi once again makes a strong pitch for UNSC seat.
  • Terrorism is terrorism. There is no good terrorism and bad terrorism: Modi
  • The UN still hasn’t been able to define terrorism. If it will take so much time to define, how will we tackle it? There cannot be any compromise on terrorism: Modi
  • Narendra Modi says India has accepted the challenge against terrorism and global warming.
  • Terror and global warming are two pressing issues the world faces. We need to mitigate these two menaces: Modi
  • Modi talks about his ‘Give It Up’ campaign, says 30 lakh people voluntarily surrendered their LPG subsidy.
  • Modi makes pitch for his pet project ‘Digital India’. He says the government is working on JAM concept. J stands for Jan Dhan financial inclusion program, A for Aadhar unique identity card and M for Mobile governance.
  • E-Governance is easy, effective and economical governance: Modi
  • Penetration of technology is immense. Everybody has mobile phones: PM
  • From Upanishads we have moved to upgraha. India succeeded in its Mars Mission in the very first attempt: Modi
  • Today India is the fastest growing major economy in the world: Modi
  • Narendra Modi targets Opposition over corruption. He takes a jibe at Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s

son-in-law Robert Vadra over corruption allegations.

  • I have faith in the nation because India is youthful. 65 per cent of our population is under the age of 35: Modi
  • I will live for India and die for it, says Modi.
  • I had assured you I will work round the clock for the well being of the people: Modi
  • After 16 months of my government, I need certificate from you, Modi tells Indian diaspora at San Jose
  • Today the world looks at India with hope and confidence: Modi
  • This change is not because of me, but because of 1.25 billion Indians. The people of India have made the country a global power. Today, the world is desperate to connect with India: Modi
  • The world is now looking at India for leadership, says Modi.
  • The world now believes that the 21st century is India’s century, says Narendra Modi.
  • Narendra Modi talks about Emergency and Jai Prakash Narayan.
  • Who can forget the contribution of the Ghadar Party in India’s freedom struggle: Narendra Modi
  • Our Sikh brothers came here years ago & began living here. When Indian wanted freedom here too there was a movement for India’s freedom: Modi
  • Indians are leading the world in digital wave. Those nations which will resist the digital wave will be left behind, says Modi.
  • Indians are pioneer in the tech industry across the world, says Modi.
  • It is time to utilise brain drain as deposit, says Modi.
  • We would hear- we need to stop this brain drain. But India is Bahuratna Vasundhara, there will be many brains there: Modi
  • Your fingers created magic on the keyboard and the computer and this gave India a new identity. Your skill and commitment is wonderful: Modi
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